Lee Yoon Ji Did Not Recognize Hyun Bin as Her College Sunbae

Actress Lee Yoon Ji (“Dream High” & “Goong“) confessed that she did not recognize Hyun Bin and treated him coldly in the past. 

On an episode of “Happy Together 3” that will air on October 27, she revealed her past ties with Hyun Bin, which garnered everyone’s attention. 

When Lee Yoon Ji first entered college, she said there was a guy named “Kim Tae Pyung,” who was quite famous for his good looks on campus. So Lee Yoon Ji even waited around to see his face a couple of times but eventually, did not get to see him.

Years later, Lee Yoon Ji’s college friend called to say hello and said she saw Lee Yoon Ji and sunbae (title of respect for a senior) Kim Tae Pyung together in a sitcom (both Lee Yoon Ji and Hyun Bin starred in “Nonstop 4″). It was then when she realized that her fellow actor Hyun Bin was that Kim Tae Pyung of her college years. 

Lee Yoon Ji confessed that she did not recognize Hyun Bin as her sunbae Kim Tae Pyung and only coldly nodded her head when she said hello to him. This brought about shock and laughter among the set that day. 

Moreover, Lee Yoon Ji revealed that her fellow guest star Kim Tae Woo is also her senior from college. Then, Kim Tae Woo went on to reveal his first impression of Lee Yoon Ji, which also caused much laughter. Find out more about these stories on the episode to be aired on October 27.