New Albums and Singles Preview - November 2011, Week 1

Wonder Girls Vol. 2 (Nov. 7)

01 G.N.O (Girls’ Night Out)
02 Be My Baby
03 Girls Girls
04 Me, In
05 Sweet Dreams
06 Stop!
07 Dear Boy
08 For a Long Time
09 SuperB
10 Act Cool (feat. San E)
11 Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12 Nu Shoes

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The queens of K-Pop, Wonder Girls, have returned this month with their second studio album, “Wonder World”. The girls have come back more refined and mature than ever. Fans will able to see yet another side of the group through this twelve-track album.


Trax mini-album Vol. 3 – Window (Nov. 10)


01 Window (Blind)
02 Like a Dream
03 Knock Knock Knock
04 Goodbye to Romance
05 Good News
06 Silent River

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Rock group, Trax makes a comeback this month with their third mini-album titled, “Window”. It’s been a year and two months since their last album, “Oh, My Goddess”, exciting fans all the more. The title track is “Window (Blind)”, which is one of the six tracks in the album. The two members have taken part in composing and penning various songs this time around, confirming their skills and talents as musicians.


Norazo Vol. 5 (released)

01 Desperado
02 King of Sales
03 Filial Duty
04 At the End of Time
05 Kimchi
06 Andromeda
07 Red Day
08 Mother of Mine
09 Dog
10 Snack Cart
11 Ice Pick
12 Gala

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Norazo returns in eighteen months with their fifth studio album. The group has always excited fans with their own music style which was different from mainstream music. However, this time around, Norzao has spruced up for their upcoming album. The title track is “King of Sales”, a euro beat energetic number mixed with a bit of metal sounds. Other songs included in the album are love song, “Desperado”, acoustic guitar and synth meshed number, Filial Duty”, and “Mother of Mine”, a song about realizing how precious one’s mom is.


J-Cera mini-album – Tears Of Crystal (Nov. 10)

01 You Will Never Know
02 Even One Second
03 My Heart Becomes a Star
04 Cry With My Heart (Ver. Lii)
05 Because I’m a Woman
06 Love Eraser
07 Love You Whenever
08 You Will Never Know (INST)

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K-Pop ballad’s diva, J-Cera returns with a mini-album, titled, “Tears of Crystal”. The title track is “You Will Never Know”, a number composed by hit maker, Seo Jae Ha who has also written songs for MBC’s hit drama “The Greatest Love”. Also included in the album is Park Jung Wook’s work, “My Heart Becomes a Star”. Park has written songs for ballad duo, December and for the drama series, “Secret Garden”.


Brown Eyed Girls (single) – Cleansing Cream (released)


01 Cleansing Cream

Brown Eyed Girls who has recently released their fourth album, “Sixth Sense” has returned with a new single, “Cleansing Cream”. Unlike their previous hit single, “Sixth Sense” this song showcases a woman’s sorrow. The vintage sounds and vocals of each respective member can be heard in this ballad number. The song will be included in the girls’ fourth repackaged album.


Jay Park (single) – Girl Friend (released)


01 Girl Friend

Jay Park releases a digital single titled, “Girl Friend” a bright R&B track penned by the singer himself and co-composed with Da Beatfreakz. The song shows honest feelings one feels for a girlfriend. The song showcases the nervous feelings a guy feels for a girl.


Monday Kiz (single) – Burn-out Rate (released)


01 Broken Train
02 Broken Train INST

Three-member male vocal group, Monday Kiz has returned with a new digital single, “Burn-out Rate”. The title track is “Broken Train”, a hip-hop ballad number in minor key. It has a very relaxing feel with beautiful guitar sounds.


Son Ho Young (single) – This Fool (released)


01 This Fool (feat. Chiyu)

Son Ho Young releases a digital single, “This Fool” in midst of his upcoming mini-album, “U-TURN”. It will be his first release in three years. It is a duet track featuring rookie singer, Chiyu who has yet to debut. “This Fool” is a medium-tempo number with groovy beats and acoustic guitar and vintage electric piano sounds.

Other Releases:
1sagain – Vol. 3 Alone (Nov. 7)
My-q – Ready for the World (Nov. 8)
Park Ju Won – Vol. 2 Sad Fiesta (Nov. 8)
Dalephin – Dalephin: Moon (Nov. 9)
Geol – Seoulite (Nov. 9)
Idiotape – 11111101 (Nov. 9)
RB_free Code Combination – Boy, Wake Up (Nov. 10)
Nevada #51 – Vol. 2 Party Rock (Nov. 10)

Sources: Kyobobook, YesAsia, Naver, Hanteo

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