JYJ’s Jaejoong Compared to Robert Pattinson in Italian Magazine

JYJ’s Jaejoong has appeared in an Italian magazine alongside English actor Robert Pattinson

Recently on an online community posted a page from an Italian magazine comparing the two international figures. A blown up picture from the DBSKMirotic” days reveals a loosely clad Jaejoong showing off his sculpted abdominal muscles, grabbing the attention of many female readers. 

The Italian word for “beautiful” is “bello,” however under Jaejoong’s picture is written in big bold font “bellissimi.” This term means “extremely beautiful” and is used to define the best of the best looking males, giving a glimpse at the amount of popularity that Jaejoong holds in the country. 

Netizens have responded: “Even people in Italy know Jae Joong? That’s crazy” “A face that’s recognized internationally” “Why is only Jaejoong’s picture that big?” “Yay Jaejoong! He came out in a French magazine before, and now Italy?” 

So Kim Jaejoong versus Robert Pattinson – Who’s your pick?