Weekly Box Office Report - First Week of November

Korean Box Office:

1. Punch (Wandeuki): Revenue) $4.2 Million, Total Viewers: 2,465,881

2. Couples: Revenue) $1.1 Million, Total Viewers: 189,993

3. Always (Ohjik Geudaeman): Revenue) $0.44 Million, Total Viewers: 894,839

4. Mr. Idol: Revenue) $0.23 Million, Total Viewers: 48,780

5. Penny Pinchers (Tikklemoa Romance): Revenue) $73 Thousand, Total Viewers: 10,175

6. Teacher and the Devils (Hoonjang and Ahkdongdeul): Revenue): $18 Thousand, Total Viewers: 12,535

7. The Crucible: Revenue) $26 Thousand, Total Viewers: 4,662,753

8. The Client: Revenue) $22 Thousand, Total Viewers: 2,389

9. A Reason to Live (Ohneul): Revenue) $18 Thousand, Total Viewers: 55,583

10. King of Pigs: Revenue) $19 Thousand, Total Viewers: 3,829

*Revenue is over the weekend and is approximate


Featured Film of the Week: Punch



Punch” is a coming-of-age film based on the popular novel by Kim Yeo Ryung and play produced by Kim Dong Soo. Yoo Ah In Stars as Wandeugi, who is poor and rebellious. However he meets an oddball teacher and grows up. Everything about the story is unique. Wandeugi’s father is a hunchback and his mother is Filipino. “Punch” begins firmly rooted as a coming-of-age genre, but turns into a family drama. It also deals with social issues such as gap, education, disability, and multi-culturalism. 

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