Min Hyo Rin Shows Her Sexy Charms on "Bazaar" Photo Shoot

“Bagel girl” (coined term that combines “baby face” and “glamour” in Korea) Min Hyo Rin is garnering attention for her sexy charms. The actress recently portrayed the high-class fashion of New York women through a photo shoot for Tory Burch.

Min Hyo Rin put her friendly, comfortable charm aside shown on recent drama “Romance Town” and the film “Sunny.” She revealed her elegant and sexy beauty. In the photo shoot Min Hyo Rin is wearing this fall’s popular item, a leopard print cardigan, and a short knit sweater—working the “invisible bottom” trend. Her superior body and S-line is visible through the pictures.

Even the staff were focused on the actress as she provided different poses and expressions for every shutter. The dark red lipstick also highlighted Min Hyo Rin’s pale skin, emphasizing her sexiness.

Meanwhile, Min Hyo Rin was cast for the film “Gone With The Wind” starring alongside Cha Tae Hyun and is also currently shooting for “5 Million Dollar Man.”