[Preview] Introducing the Lovely G8 Ladies of "Invincible Youth Season 2"

[Preview] KBS “Invincible Youth Season 2” – Nov. 12 Episode

★The girls meet up 

5:00AM, It’s the middle of the night and the sun has yet to rise and the new G8 members appear with their hearts fluttering. However there is an amazing mission waiting for the G8 girls? Actually who are the G8 members?

  • She has risen as the prominent rising star of variety shows, Kara’s Kang Ji Young!
  • The real giant youngest member, miss A Suzy!
  • The great girl group SNSD’s amazing acclimatization to country life, SNSD’s Hyoyeon
  • Turns out she is a pure and charming girl. Invincible Youth’s Eun Young, f(x) Amber!
  • She is the president amongst army soldiers and now she dominates the hearts of the elders in Daebu Island SISTAR Bora!
  • We thought she was a black swan but she demonstrates her grandmother-like nature Rainbow’s Woori!
  • “The future of my agency is on my shoulders.” The leader in over reacting, Jewelry’s Yewon!
  • And Invincible Youth’s eternal Soon Kyu, this generation’s genuine working girl, SNSD’s Sunny!

The hallyu stars that have captivated the whole world but it will be the first time you see them like this!

Are you our uncles or are you luggage! This is the question!

To become a citizen of the fishing village in Daebu Island, the enthusiastic G8 need to go find the seven treasures. They are given a map that was handmade by the village chief however there was something that was frustrating the G8 more than the code-like map. It is useless uncles that are pretty much excess baggage. Like the bread winners of a family, the G8 members resiliently set out to find the treasures.


The girls travel all over to find the treasures

The energetic G8 travel all over to find the treasures of Daebu Island, however the treasures are nothing to sneeze at? Terrifying treasures that the G8 members and the uncles couldn’t possibly imagine are waiting for them. Wriggle Wriggle, Splash Splash. Ah~~~! What is the treasures that cause the G8 members to scream out and tremble in fear? The seven treasures of Daebu Island will soon be revealed.


The fearless girl, SNSDs Hyoyeon. Her free-going personality is completely proven!

SNSD’s Hyoyeon has helped spread K-pop fever across Asia and now she is spreading it across the World. She joins “Invincible Youth Season 2” as a member of the G8 and has shown off her free going nature.

On the first recording of “Invincible Youth Season 2,” the G8 members move to a fishing village in Daebu Island and go around greeting the residents of the village. During this period a grandfather hands them a live octopus that he personally caught in the mudflats and suggests that the new residents of the village, the G8 Members, should eat it.

While everyone was being cautious, Hyoyeon, right from her first recording, grabs the live octopus with one hand and fearlessly bites off and eats one of the octopus legs on the spot, surprising everyone with her natural ability to look like she’s been living in a fishing village for a long time. After seeing Hyoyeon’s free-going nature, the other members also attempt to eat the octopus.

f(x) Amber,  her extremely feminine Korean name is revealed!

f(x)’s Amber is very popular due to her boyish charms and she has befittingly joined “Invincible Youth Season 2” as a member of the G8. During their first recording the G8 members realise that while they are usually girl group members that is popular around the world, in the village they are just unknown girls and the village people don’t even know their names. So they set out to create a name for themselves so that they can appeal to the village elders.

This is especially a concern for Amber, who is from LA and has a name that the elders could find difficult to remember and say. So with this in consideration Uncle Lee Soo Geun and the other G8 members create a friendly sounding Korean name for her to use as a nickname, which is completely contrary to her boyish charms. Surprisingly, Amber also liked her new name.


Karas youngest member Kang Ji Young, she rises rapidly as a variety show idol that is as good  as Goo Hara! 

Kara’s Kang Ji Young, who has a lot of popularity in Japan, has taken off her elaborate appearances that she shows off on stage and has perfectly transformed into a simple girl from a fishing village.

During their first recording, Kang Ji Young is undertaking a mission to become a village member of the fishing village in Daebu Island. During this mission, she takes a piece of seaweed given to her by a grandfather from the village, which she tend sticks onto her teeth and pretends to be Younggu (An old Korean comedy character) and she even shows off her shaky leg dance in time with the song “Tiger Swallowtail(호랑나비).” Through all of this, she breaks away from the powerful appearances she has shown on stage and instead she shows off her truthful, vivacious and weird nature while demonstrating her young and fresh variety show talents befitting of an 18-year-old teenage girl. The residents of Daebu Island have also fallen in love with Kang Ji Young due to her cuteness which reminds them of their granddaughter.  

Kang Ji Yong also demonstrated her variety show talents and received praise during the recording, with other people during the recording claiming that she could become the next Variety Show Idol, following in the footsteps of Goo Hara.

This was especially prominent when they were undertaking a mission to find the seven treasures of Daebu island during their first recording. While they were splitting into teams for the mission, the “2nd Goo Hara” Kang Ji Young is put into a team with Hyoyeon, Amber, Yewon and Boom. So that they can travel around comfortably, the staff members provides them with two cultivators. While Lee Soo Geun was proficient around the cultivator, it was the first time that Boom had driven a cultivator and he couldn’t even start the engine, getting the jeers of the girl group members present. Kang Ji Young was especially deploring and said “All this suffering because I’m with the wrong guy!”

Even after this, Boom was constantly cowering due to Kang Ji Young’s criticisms and complaints. He was also constantly compared with Lee Soo Geun, who is familiar with living in the countryside and variety shows that record outside. Even after all of this Boom said “I really wanted to do a program like this with idols after I got discharge from the army” and appeared to be twice as enthusiastic than usual.

While he promised that “I will use my own experiences when I debuted as an idol and use that to play the role of a broad minded uncle that can understand their feelings” Boom constantly ended up being excess baggage for the G8 members throughout the treasure finding measure, with Boom and Kang Ji Young playing a “Tom & Jerry” role throughout the mission.


Invincible Youth Season 2, the return of Soon Kyu. SNSDs Sunny will be playing a major role in the show!

Last Year, SNSD’s Sunny received a lot of love in “Invincible Youth” due to her outgoing and pure nature, now she has returned for “Invincible Youth Season 2.”

Through her participation in the first season, Sunny got called more often by her real name of Soon Kyu and received unrivalled support from the village elders. Sunny set a new standard for Girl Groups and proved to be a proper farmer by catching chickens with her bare hands and doing farm work that even farmers find difficult without difficulties.  

Thanks to her popularity, Sunny has also become a member of G8 for “Invincible Youth Season 2,” where she was the envy of the other G8 members due to her amazing work talents that the other new members couldn’t match. They herald her as the “Return of Soon Kyu” and she demonstrated that the popularity and variety show talent that she demonstrated in the farming villages have remained intact in the fishing village as well.


Sistars Bora, turns out that she really loves babies.

Sistar’s Bora has risen to the rank of president amongst army soldiers due to her powerful voice and dance talent. Now she has also captured the hearts of babies as well. During the first recording, Bora and the other G8 went around the village and greeted the citizens that they will be spending time together with for the next year.

During this G8 meets an 11-month-old baby that is crying after waking up. They try everything they can to try and soothe the crying baby but it doesn’t look like the infant will stop crying any time soon. Bora has experience raising kids as she is currently in a reality program about raising kids on a cable network. So she sets out to soothe the baby and the baby immediately stops crying and then begins to laugh as well. Everyone than began to comment on how Bora’s charm worked on babies as well.

G8 oldest member, Woori, why has she been reborn as the grandmother of Daebu Island?

Rainbow’s Woori is gaining a lot of popularity in Japan recently and is the latest Hallyu star. Thus she has also joined “Invincible Youth Season 2.” It’s the first time that she’s lived in the countryside but she receives a lot of love from the village citizens as she actively engages in country life. She also demonstrated the fact that she is the oldest member of G8 with her somehow rustic retro fashion and resolutely catching chickens with her bare hands.

While they were doing a talent show for the elders, Woori appears in a Hanbok and does a dance that the elders would like, making her look like a grandmother and causing the G8 members to laugh out loud as well. They say that Woori is usually called a grandmother by Rainbow members as well. So far she has been like an elegant black swan on stage but Woori’s grandmother-like qualities will be revealed as the show progresses.

Other Members and Pictures

“The future of my agency is on my shoulders.” The leader in over reacting, Jewelry’s Yewon

The real giant youngest member, miss A Suzy

▪ Airing Date : 11/12/2011 Saturday 11:05PM KST KBS2TV 

Did You Know? 

The proceeds from the sale of the “Invincible Youth Season 1” photo book has been donated to farming villages and proves their kind variety show nature.

“Invincible Youth Season 1,” which was a program about Girl Group members being self-sufficient in a farming village, didn’t just stop with what was shown on TV and they continued to work hard to serve the viewers and establish a culture of donations. Through these efforts, they have gained results that coincides with the original intentions of the program.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the program, they have donated their proceeds from the sale of their photo book and calendar to the “KBS Kang Tae Won Welfare Foundation” to donate to farming villages. Around $24,000 has been spent by the welfare foundation in Stage 1 of the donation process to operate a venture that will provide books to kids that live with their grandparents within the farming villages.

For Stage 2 of the donations, around $11,000 has been spent to help poor elderly families in farming villages to improve their standard of living. So a total of $35,000 has been spent in a meaningful way towards farming villages.

Chief Producer Kim Ho Sang has stated that he is thankful towards the people that have shown affection towards “Invincible Youth” and that he will work even harder to make programs that contribute back to society and to spread the hope that exists in farming villages amongst viewers. 

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