KBS Music Bank 11.11.11

Wishes came true on tonight’s episode of Music Bank!

SNSD‘s ” The Boys” topped the K-Chart for the third time in a row. It is their triple crown win.

The Wonder Girls, Lee Seung Gi, Son Ho Young and TRAX all made their party comebacks tonight with “friends.” Wonderfuls have anticipated the Wonder Girls’ return to K-Pop with much more than “2 Different Tears”. Now that they are back, will you be their baby?  J-Cera and Beige were our “quiet” artists to make enlightening comebacks on tonight’s show.

The following artists took advantage of today’s magic number with their lucky performances: Secret, Noel, X-CROSS, AA, Nemo, Fat Cat, Flower, The Boss, M.I.B, ALi, Maybee, MYNAME, 4Men &Mi, Norazo, Seo Young Eun and Boyfriend.

SNSD’s Winning Moment

SNSD – The Boys

Wonder Girls – G.N.O + Be My Baby

Lee Seung Gi – Tonight + Like A Friend

Secret – Love Is Move

Noel – I Miss You

Boyfriend – Don’t Touch My Girl

Seo Young Eun – You Are the Only One

Son Ho Young – Pretty But Hateful

4Men & Mi – That Man, That Woman

Maybee – Goodbye Valentine

TRAX – Blind


The Boss – Lady

Beige – You Can’t Talk Sense To Him

Flower – Broken Yesterday

X-CROSS – Mini Me

Double A (AA) – Because I’m Crazy

Wonder Girls Backstage

SNSD, BEAST, Lee Teul and Eun Hyuk Clip

Seo In Youngs Comeback is Next Week

Lee Seung Gi Backstage

T-ara‘s Comeback is Next Week

Credits: @KBSMusicBank, BNT, TV Daily and yt cr: UnknownCarrot180

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