Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha’s Naughty Behavior

The members of the girl group Brown Eyed Girls are busy with the release of their special album and the activities around their new ballad, “Cleansing Cream”.

Recently, a promotional pictorial was released for their new single and this pictorial made many netizens burst out in laughter. The reason was the implied naughty behavior of member Narsha. The pictorial shows the girls chilling on a comfortable sofa. While Jea is resting her head on Narsha’s lap, Narsha pulls up the sweater of Jea and looks inside while expressing a naughty look. This behavior relates well to her nickname “adult-doll,” which she gained on the program “Invincible Youth.

Narsha’s naughty side was also seen during the November 13 episode of SBS “Enjoy Sunday-Victory.” 

The episode featured people who went through drastic make overs through intense diets. One constestant by the name of Suh Heh Ryong showed off his muscular thighs, which is commonly called “horse thighs” in Korea for its thickness and strength. As soon as he entered the stage, the female celebrity guests could not hide their interest with all eyes going towards his masculinity. After telling his story of how his once flabby legs turned into toned and muscular ones, the MC proceeded on by actually touching them. The MC was so amazed to call other female guests to check it out as well. Narsha jumped on this opportunity and dashed towards the guest to touch the “horse thighs.”

Narsha’s actions sparked laughter and jokes, with the MC calling her a “sexual harasser” and noting that “while others just poke Heh Ryong’s muscles with a finger Narsha uses her full hand to feel them.”