Hyori Furious Over Death Rumors, HyunA Reveals In-Bed Photos, Minzy’s Mysterious Message, and More Tweets!

Here we go through some of the top twitter/me2day posts of the day! Please let us know if we missed anything!


“What do you call a joke that’s neither funny nor meaningful? Garbage.” – Lee Hyori (@frog799, twitter) responded to false rumors of her death that started circulating online on November 14. It turns out someone started spreading this rumor just for fun, but isn’t it a bit too harsh to call someone “dead” just for fun?


“BBaShya!” – 4minute’s HyunA (@4M_hyunah, twitter) posted three photos of her in bed on November 14.


“I went to a wedding today~It’s the first time I cried while singing at a wedding..T.T Congratulations to my lovely Sung Eun unni~!! You have to be happy!!!^_^” – After School’s Raina (@raina57, twitter) uploaded a selca photo after singing at her friend’s wedding.


“Today is Dara’s birthday. She’s eating so much now! I’ll give you live updates…Dara is reallllly eating a lot.” – 2NE1’s Park Bom (@21bom, me2day) shared a couple photos of Dara having a feast on her birthday on November 12


“If you don’t really care, it would be right not to hide it and not lie about it. But you always give vague answers. It’s not that I don’t know.. I’m just pretending not to know. Disappointments and expectations keep falling. There’s only so much I can pretend to be nice or deceived.” – 2NE1’s Minzy (@21minzy, me2day) left this mysterious message on November 13. She also posted, “I’ve been so blind it feels right when it’s wrong. It took me some time but now I moved on. Cuz I realized I got.” Both messages got deleted later after becoming a hot issue in Korea.