2AM’s Jinwoon Releases “Jinwoon’s Diary #7”

In “Jinwoon’s Diary #7,” titled “If it wasn’t for Yoon Do Hyun…,” we revisit the production of Jinwoon’s latest single, “If It’s Not Now.”

In “Diary #3,” Jinwoon was shown recording the song with the direction of veteran rock singer Yoon Do Hyun. Yoon Do Hyun composed the song and fellow YB band member, Tae Hee, wrote the lyrics. In “Diary #7,” Jinwoon takes the completed recording to Yoon Do Hyun for his evaluation.

In the video, we see Jinwoon nervously taking the song to its composer and his teacher. Yoon Do Hyun listens with a smile on his face and upon completion, compliments Jinwoon and brags to the other staff members that he wrote the song. Jinwoon happily smiles at the compliments while Yoon Do Hyun worries about the fact that Jinwoon and YB are releasing their respective songs at the same time.

Here is “Jinwoon’s Diary #7”:

The single “It It’s Not Now” will be released on November 17.