Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Crowned "Best V-line" Title for Chin

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In was crowned the best V-line member in her group.

SBS “Good Sunday – Diet Survival Victory” had a participant claiming to have the steepest a V-line chin. 

On this episode, the “Victory” staff went to SBS “Inkigayo” to find Brown Eyed Girls for their prominent V-lines. When they asked the girl group what their secret was, the singers responded, “We massage our faces and stretch our mouths by reading the vowels of the alphabet: A E I O U.”

Top Left: Miryo Top Right: Narsha Bottom Left: Jea Bottom Right: Ga In

When the individual girls’ chins were measured, Jea and Miryo’s chins were 23 degrees and Narsha’s was 24 degrees, while Ga In’s was 22 degrees. Thus, the staff and other members named Ga In as having the best V-line. Fans and netizens who saw the episode reacted with diverse responses: “I am jealous of Ga In’s V-line,” “She really is the champion of V-lines,” and “I am going to start following their ‘AEIOU’ exercise.”