2AM’s Jinwoon Releases Music Video for “If It’s Not Now”

On November 17, 2AM’s Jinwoon finally released the music video for “If It’s Not Now.” The song is a rock-ballad track with impressive guitar sounds, perfectly matching Jinwoon’s powerful vocals.

His voice is also surprisingly fresh with a slight hint of legendary Korean singer, Jo Yong Pil. Jinwoon has repeatedly expressed his willingness to release his own rock-inspired track in the past, and it seems like this track will only speed up his career turn as a rock star.

“If It’s Not Now” is a track specially written by Yoon Do Hyun of the YB Band. He said, “Jinwoon’s voice has something emotional about it,” praising the 2AM member’s versatile voice. Jinwoon will hold a concert on November 25 to celebrate the release of his new single album. He will continue with his 2AM promotions in Japan in the coming months. 


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