Yoo Ah In’s "Punch" to Screen in the US and North America

The movie “Punch (Wan Deuki),” starring Yoo Ah In, is the latest Korean film to hit the screens of cities in the US and North America, following such domestic blockbusters as “Sector 7 and “Silenced.” “Punch” will first open in Los Angeles on November 18, followed by a release nationwide on December 2.

Korean movie fans will be able to catch “Punch” in select theaters in San Jose in California, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia. The movie will also be screened in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, as well as in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“Punch” is a blockbuster film based off a bestselling book. It stars Yoo Ah In as the rebellious Wan Deuk and Kim Yoon Suk as the teacher Dong Joo. The two play an odd pair of down-and-out characters who eventually grow into a more meaningful, fulfilling student-teacher relationship.