[Tweets] 2AM Joins Wonder Girls, Dara’s Busy, Solbi in a Wedding Dress, and More!

Here we go through some of the top twitter/me2day posts of the day! Please let us know if we missed anything! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @soompi for the most up-to-date K-Pop news on the web!

“’Oh My Gosh’ comeback. But something’s missing. Tomorrow for sure! Fighting” – Seo In Young left this message with a backstage photo of her in stage outfit. Seo In Young had her comeback stage on Mnet “M! Countdown!” the day before, where she performed “Oh My Gosh” and “You’re Funny.”

“A neck warmer my fans sent me. Because of you guys, I’m not cold during night filming. Thank you~Even the filming crew use it to heat up.” – Kim Rae Won posted his photo with a neck warmer that he received from his fans. He’s currently busy filming SBS drama “A Thousands Day Promise.”

“Wonder~Came to support the girls. We are back!” – 2AM’s Chang Min shared a photo of 2AM with Wonder Girls’ Yenny, Yoobin, and Lim. After taking this photo, the Wonder Girls won their first #1 award on Mnet “M! Countdown!”

“Dara is busy uploading her me2day~lol Dara’s always working hard.” – 2NE1’s Park Bom takes a picture of Dara updating her me2day page with her iPhone. Dara is the unofficial PR director of 2NE1 as she constantly gives updates of the group through her me2day page.

“How long has it been since I last wore a wedding dress? Bringing back memories. Feels weird. I’m unnie’s sunbae in wedding dresses. How is it? The same?” – Solbi took a picture of her in a wedding dress. Not sure what it was for, but she looks gorgeous! Solbi once starred in MBC “We Got Married” with Shinhwa member Andy.


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