Joo Won in Contention for "Moon That Embraces the Sun"

Another up-and-comer is in contention to join MBC’s “The Moon That Embraces the Sun” is Joo Won, who hit mainstream success last year with “Baker King Kim Tak Goo,” playing the antagonistic foil to Yoon Shi Yoon’s good-hearted hero. The drama is the fantasy-sageuk romance starring Kim Soo Hyun as a fictional Joseon king, and Han Ga In as the female shaman he falls in love with.

Joo Won would play a prince who’s the first in line for succession to the throne. And since succession battles are so often the core of sageuk dramas, you know what this means: rivalries and factions and political intrigue ahead. He’s half-brother to the king (and hyung), and falls for the shaman at the same time as his younger bro. Aw, he’s second place with both the crown and love? Is he to remain frustrated and thwarted, Ma-jun-style, all over again?

Brotherly conflict aside, at least he won’t be as hateful as his “Baker King” counterpart, since he’s described as good-natured and friendly toward his brother. He even makes the effort to appear playboyish, fearing that his influence might cause harm toward little bro. Aw. Tear my heart out already, why don’t you.

I always think of Joo Won as being a youngun, but technically he is older than Kim Soo Hyun, although they’re close enough in age that they might get away with forgoing the hyung-dongseng distinction, if they so chose (Joo Won’s a “late 87″ and Kim Soo Hyun’s an early 88, with five months between them.) According to his reps, Joo Won has received the offer and is considering it positively. He’s proceeding with some caution since he’s currently busy filming the weekend drama “Okakkyo Brothers,” which recently broke the 30% ratings barrier.

“The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is based on a novel written by the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” novelist, and is planning for a January broadcast.

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