[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday – Immortal Song 2 and Birth of a Family" – Nov. 19 Episode

The returns of the kings and queens! The glorious winners have all gathered for one occasion however they will have a battle of pride to win the single winner’s trophy. The Immortal Song 2 battle of the stars will now begin.

  • The winner of the 1st legend Shim Soo Bong episode, the greatest star from Immortal Song 2, Sistar’s Hyorin! She shows of her perfect stage performance and singing, Hyorin’s “That person back then (그때 그 사람)”
  • The winner of the 4th legend Joo Hyun Mi episode. Has an explosive charisma on stage, F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki. He got high praise from Joo Hyun Mi for his sad voice as he went on to win that special. Lee Hong Ki’s “That person from Shinsadong (신사동 그 사람)”
  • The winner of the 6th legend Kim Soo Hee episode. The charming and sexy vocal, MBLAQ’s G.O. He prevented Hyorin from getting her third straight victory by getting the victory during the 6th legend episode. G.O.’s “I can’t forget about you (못 잊겠어요)”
  • The winner of the 8th legend Nam Jin episode. The R&B SOUL that is more charming the more you listen to him, Jay Park! His hip hop version of this song causes the audience and the legends to go wild. Jay Park’s “Please don’t change (그대여 변치마오)”
  • The winner of the 11h legend Kim Kwang Suk episode. The barbie doll that sings, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung. She moves the heart of many with her tearful singing. Kang Min Kyung’s “Have to forget about you (잊어야 한다는 마음으로)”
  • The winner of the 13h legend Songgolmae episode. The explosive singing voice, Huh Gak. He surprises everyone with his radical dancing. Huh Gak’s “Hurray for the world (세상만사)”
  • The winner of the 14h legend Haeeunee episode. The master of transformation, Ali. She was the talk of the town due to her elaborate fashion and passionate shuffle dancing. Ali’s “Dawn Rain (새벽비)”

The unavoidable battle of singing talent! Who will be the winner of the best of the best special?


Birth of a Family.


That was my first meeting with you

Run~ Click~ I’m here

It looks like my female owner doesn’t like me being in the room

Juju, lets eat. Yum~ Is it delicious?

But its strange 


My owner often looked blurry.

It’s cataracts. 

But…. I’m sick of it now, when i come home after a long day at work, the whole house smells like dog.

Besides, you said it won’t even be able to see now.

It’s the first time in awhile since i’ve come out for a walk with my owner~

Look at that, looks like someone abandoned that dog, that’s really sad. The weather is cold as well. Yeah it is.

That’s lucky…

There is a happy smell coming from my owner

There is a happy smell.

That’s good enough for me…

I’m alright…

I’m… really alright…

I’m alright.

The last images of you are still left in these eyes. – Author Kwon Tae Song from “It’s alright”

The first families for the lovely homeless dogs have finally been selected. After going through a fierce audition process, who will be the stars that become the first family for the homeless dogs, it is trendsetting idol Infinite and fairy idol A Pink!

There is something in the idol’s house?
It’s the day when they announce the temporary owners of the homeless dogs. MC Boom and Shin Bong Sun make a surprise visit to their houses. The no-makeup faces of the trendsetting idols will be revealed for the first time on TV and the houses where guys aren’t allowed and where girls aren’t allowed will be revealed.

Their first meeting with the homeless dogs that will be their family.
Infinite, A Pink and the five lovely homeless dogs that will become their families. They meet each other for the first time. Because they’ve already been hurt once, they need to be loved even more. The heartbreaking stories of the homeless dogs’ causes the idol to shed a tear, their stories will be revealed on the show.

Crash and bang, the three Jindo Dog brothers enter Infinite’s house!
The three Jindo Dogs step foot into Infinite’s house for the first time. The Jindo Dogs, which they thought were angels, finally reveals their true nature? They do their “business” anywhere they want and relentlessly bite things. The rowdy brothers causes Infinite to fall into shock.

Welcome to the cute A Pink’s house!
A Pink decides on a precious name for their puppy, who will be a part of their family from now on, and then they set out for the vet to check the puppy’s health. Will the member’s sincere hearts help the puppy open its mind up and will it adjust will to living in a new and unfamiliar environment?

Now it’s time for rare animals. The novel life with a miniature horse.
With their eyes covered up, the MC team is dropped off in an unknown location. However they weren’t there alone? In the same room was their animal for the day, a miniature horse. They need to guess what their animal is using just the feelings in their fans.

The MC King for the day as picked by the miniature horse.
If you become the MC King then you can do whatever you want today. The MC begins showing off their bizarre charms to win the favours of the horse. And for the first time on television, they play a carrot game with the miniature horse? Who will be the MC King for today and will be the one chosen by the MC King to clean up the horse’s poo?

100% real, the miniature horse makes a daring escape!
The MC Team brings out a ball and starts to play football to have some fun with the miniature horse. So that they can have a slightly better match, they take of the horse’s reins and kick the ball around. However that is when the incident occurred. A miniature horse gets excited while kicking the ball and suddenly goes on a rampage. Before the MC team or the staffs even has a chance to stop her, the miniature horse runs off into the mountain. What will they do?