[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" – Nov 19 Episode

■The surprise visit to the Girl Group Houses.

The Girl Groups’ houses are a place where no boys are allowed and only a select few can enter. However the uncles have arrived at their houses? It exceeds expectations and your wildest imaginations. The place where the girls have their privacy. We are more interested in what is inside their houses than their sparkling no-make- up faces. What’s inside their houses will be revealed.

The first place that Boom has gone to is Kang Ji Young’s place. Boom meets Kang Ji Young’s mother and tells here that “I thought you were Ji Young’s older sister. You are really youthful and lovely.” When they enter Kang Ji Young’s room, they all break out in laughter due to Kang Ji Young’s unique sleeping posture.  

Meanwhile Ji Hyun Woo has gone to miss A Suzy’s house and woke her up by personally playing the guitar and singing a good morning song. Suzy claims that her face always swells up a lot when she wakes up and was too embarrassed to show off her no-make up face. However once revealed Suzy’s pretty no makeup face causes everyone to be amazed. Ji Hyun Woo even says that “You might even get scouted for a makeup CF.” Also contrary to her pure appearance, her usually unorganised room will be revealed in its entirety, startling Ji Hyun Woo.

They later arrive at the house occupied by the “President of the Army Soldiers” Sistar. There they see Bora’s fresh-looking no-makeup face, which is completely different to her usual sexy appearance. Also Ji Hyun Woo plays an acoustic version of “Ma Boy” with Hyorin, who has just gotten up, singing live with her raw voice.

■G8, they make a complete transformation in the fishing village.

Special mission, “G8, transform into fishing ladies!” To transform into fishing ladies, the girls pick out the limited edition hot fashion items designed for fishing villages, what will this fashion be like?

They are now no longer the girl groups that you used to know. Its way beyond what you can possibly imagine and they have set a new standard for fishing village fashion. G8’s extraordinary fashion sense will be revealed!

■The mud flat octopus wars

So they can survive, G8 begins stage one of their process of adapting to fishing village life. The full scale Operation: Catch the octopus! The unavoidable battle between G8 and the octopus on the mud flats begins! And one more thing, there is no such thing as fair play. What is the reason that these kind girls have had to transform into cheating masters? They grab each other, fall over and slip over in the chaotic battle to catch the octopus.

The highlight of this battle was the battle between Kang Ji Yong and Suzy. The two girls are both the same age and are also the “Giant Youngest Members” of the team, being significantly larger than the other older members. Even before the match began, everyone expected this to be a breathtaking competition. Also on display will be the talents of the greatest athlete of the idol world, Bora and Amber’s athletic skills that reminds you of someone from the Marine Corps.

So the G8 wear their hip boots for the first time and fearlessly enter the mud flats to carry out their special mission, to catch octopus. You would think they would be scared but on the contrary they are highly curious and catch octopus like pulling out green onions from the ground, surprising all the staff there.

It’s the first time that Hyoyeon has come to a mud flat and everything about it is just fun for her. She gets absorbed in octopus catching and is determined to catch all the octopuses in the area.

To find the octopus that is hiding inside the mudflats, Hyoyeon sticks her hand into the mudflats and then makes a big fuss claiming that she has found an octopus. Hyoyeon refuses to let go off the octopus and pulls it out by the legs but because she pulls on the legs too much, all she ends up getting is a single leg, causing everyone to break out into laughter.

Hyoyeon also found out how awesome octopus tasted like during the first episode and her love of octopus continues into the second episode. She gets the octopus that she personally caught, washes it in the sea and immediately eats it on the spot, while also sharing it out with the other G8 members, demonstrating that Hyoyeon has perfectly adjusted to life as a fishing village lady.