[Tweets] Park Bom Is Pretty, Nichkhun’s Guardian Angel, Eunhyuk on "FAME"

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2NE1’s Park Bom reveals her flawless, no-makeup face on her me2day account. Along with the photo of herself, she said, “Now, I’m getting ready to wash, but I’m hungry. I’m going to bed soon.”

2PM’s Nichkhun, who featured in yesterday’s tweets for taking a picture with a baby, looks like he’s not over the fascination with childhood photographs yet. Today, he revealed on his account (@Khunnie0624) a photo of himself as a child with a mysterious “angel.”

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“My guardian angel~ He used to be my personal body guard! =] (that’s Channie, my big brother),” he said.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk sends out a message of appreciation to his loyal fans. On his Twitter (@allrisesilver), he said, “I’m going to ‘FAME.’ Thanks to the ELFs for supporting me and sending me rice and flowers. See you soon.^^”