Jeon Ji Hyun Shows off Her Perfect Body

Recently the beautiful Jeon Ji Hyun appeared in a “Harper’s Bazaar” photoshoot. The concept was winter, and Jeon Ji Hyun posed wearing warm looking clothes over her sizzling body.

The clothing was very casual. In the picture below you can see her wearing a short knitted sweater that is a red wine color, and a black padded jacket over it. She is also wearing blue jeans finished off with a zebra skin-like belt. The pose is the epitome of sexy as she is slightly curving her back on the sand. The picture clearly shows off her S line.

In other Jeon Ji Hyun news, her cast-mate on the film “Thieves,” Kim Yoon Suk (He appeared on “Punch” and “The Chaser”) spoke about working out with Jeon Ji Hyun in a recent press conference. He said, “I lost 12 kg for my role in ‘Thieves,’ in my contract it specifically stated that I needed to lose weight. When you have Jeon Ji Hyun next to you, you can’t help but work out. She is a sports mania and also knows a lot about the proper form for working out. She taught me a lot.”

The film “Thieves” will be released in early 2012.