[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Nov 26 Episode

The girls that sell octopus.  

The G8 have finally begun their adventures to become self-sufficient in all manners. To do so the G8 have appeared at a town in Daebu Island. What kind of amazing selling techniques did the girls used that allowed them to sell everything they had in record time? The girls completely transform into highly skilled salespeople. The noisy scene at their stand will be revealed on the show.

G8, they attempt to make octopus based dishes

The only dish that the G8 knows how to make is Ramen, so for the first time ever in their lives they will be attempting to make octopus based dishes.  Under the harsh eye of the tiger town chief, their unimaginable octopus dishes are created.  The G8 style Octopus Soup surprises everyone, what is the secret to their taste?

G8, They brag about their concerns!

The resident “Invincible Youth” MCs that is as good as Yoo Jae Suk. The G8 Concerns talk show run by their giant youngest members, Suzy and Ji Young.

Miss A’s Suzy starts to talk about her concerns and admits that she also has aspects about her appearance that she doesn’t like. Suzy says that “My concerns are that I have a lot small hairs and my forehead isn’t pretty.” Hearing this, all the members set out to determine if this was true with Go Woori saying “I wish my forehead had some small hairs on it.”

Kang Ji Yong last week got the nickname of Ji-Goo (Ji Young + Young Goo, an old comedy character that acted dumb) due to her comedic way of acting dumb and received a lot of attention from viewers for her work ethics, so when it was Kang Ji Young’s turn to say her concerns she said that “I like the fact that I am a member of G8 in ‘Invincible Youth Season 2.” However because Goo Hara, who is in Kara as well and had an active part in “Invincible Youth Season 1” there is a lot of people expecting me to be the “2nd Goo Hara” and that is really burdensome.

Sunny, who also appeared on “Invincible Youth Season 1” praised Kang Ji Yong’s abilities and said that “Hara also tried to MC a corner like this in Season 1, but because it was soo awkward, Goo Hara’s corner was removed after just 2 episodes.” And she finished off by saying that “Goo Hara needs to be on her toes now.”

Goo Woori also revealed her concerns saying that “My concern is that my mother keeps telling me to get married,” which garnered the attention of the other members. Woori continued by saying “I’m quite old compared to the other idols and to be honest Rainbow isn’t very successful right now. So my mother tells me that if it’s going to be just like this then I should just quickly get married. However there are still a lot of things I want to do as a singer.”

The hidden and extraordinary concerns of the idols will all be revealed on the show.

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