[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday - Immortal Song 2 and Birth of a Family" - Nov. 26 Episode

He represented the romances of youths in the 1980’s and was the leader of ballads in Korea. The 16th legend, Lee Kwang Jo. His beautiful hit songs, that reflect his life, will be the songs that will be used on this week’s competition.

New Line Up

K-Will – Brian Joo –  SG Wannabe Lee Suk Hoon, Davichi’s Lee Haeri – 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae – AliHuh Gak

  • A sweet and explosive voice. The guy with the handsome vocal cords, K-will. The lyrical ballad that can be felt with his charming voice. K-will’s “As the months pass by (세월가면).”
  • It’s now been 12 years since his debut and as the most senior singer here, he will show off all his experiences and charms. Brian Joo. The classy performance that looks like a musical, Brian’s “Like tonight. (오늘 같은 밤).”
  • Even Kim Gura has fallen for her, the queen of high tones. Davichi’s Lee Haeri. Her hair-raising lovely and sad ballad. Lee Haeri’s “Who is that (그 누구인가).”
  • The emotional ballad singer with the soft tone. SG Wannabe’s Lee Suk Hoon. She makes all the ladies’ hearts cry out with his subtle voice. Lee Suk Hoon’s “I have lost my love(사랑을 잃어버린 나).”
  • The lady that is at the center of attention every week. She commands the stage with her charisma. Ali. She expresses her emotions with her appealing voice. Ali’s “You are too far away to have close by me (가까이 하기엔 너무 먼 당신).”
  • The vocalist that gently warms the hearts of people, 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae. His voice highlights the popera feel he is trying to portray with this song. Shin Yong Jae’s “Oh you are a lovely lady (오 그대는 아름다운 여인).”
  • The multi-talented singer that is good at singing, dancing and even does well on variety shows. Huh Gak. The samba rhythm version, Huh Gak’s “Fun Life (즐거운 인생).”

The competition has become even more fierce with the introduction of a new set of highly talented signers. Out of the seven vocalists, who will be the one to take the final winner’s trophy?

A-pink’s concerns get bigger due to Quick’s Seperation Anxiety Disorder

With their comeback coming up son, A-Pink are at the dance practice rooms practicing for their new album “My My,” however in the room next door, their puppy Quick, who is suffering from separation anxiety disorder is making whimpering sounds.

A-Pink devises a solution for their puppy for suffers from separation anxiety when separated from its owner. It is to record their voices and play it to the puppy! Previously you would have thought that A-Pink was just a cute idol group but they demonstrate a real aptitude for variety shows. Don’t miss A-Pink’s highly individual black princess.

Sungjong, “Being the youngest member is tough?”

The ruckus causing three Jindo Dogs and Infinite’s tearful path to adapting to all of this. Infinite’s house is a complete mess because their puppies have yet to be house trained.

Sungjong is having a hard time because of all the waste emitted by the three Jindo Dogs. As soon as he turns around to do something else “Sungjong~ They pooed again!” Songjong has become responsible for cleaning up the poo because he is the youngest member.

The mini horse, Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Byung Man’s extraordinary trip to the market

The MC Team has set to buy delicious food for their mini horse Hwi Keun. Lee Hwi Jae & Boom Team Vs Kim Byung Man & Noh Woo Jin Team. Find the food items that will be pleasing to their mini horses, Hwi Keun and Duk Keun.

As punishment the team that doesn’t get selected by the mini horses will need to give the mini horses a bath. Lee Hwi Jae Vs Kim Byung Man, who will the mini horses choose? 

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