Block B’s Zico & Mighty Mouth Host Hallyu TV Special, "Studio C"

With the increasing attention on booming Hallyu wave, it’s a wonder why an interactive radio style program featuring the hottest Hallyu idols was only created now. SBS and MTV Korea have teamed up to bring you just that on their new collaboration channel, SBS MTV, with a radio style TV program titled “Studio C!”

Hosted by Block B‘s leader Zico and rapper duo Mighty Mouth, the program kicks off on November 27 with 4minute‘s Sohyun and Gayoon as the guests. The format is much like your standard radio program with with lengthy discussions on the recent whereabouts of your favorite stars. The difference, however, lies in the fact that it’s completely viewable on TV and also features fun live performances that everyone can enjoy.

An integral aspect of the show lies in its communication efforts with fans not only in Korea, but around the world. Through Cyworld Mini-homepages, the program will actually take in and reflect comments and stories shared by fans. Luckily for foreign fans, subtitles will be provided in re-runs so as to better acommodate to its dedication to Hallyu.

The episode running on November 27 in particular will be one you won’t want to miss, as it will feature scenes of MC Zico right on scene at the 2011 MTV EMAs to report on the award acceptance of Big Bang‘s “Worldwide Act.” Plenty of exclusive scenes will be airing to properly transfer the hot atmosphere of the scene onto our screens.

The show will include other corners like “Sci-Fi Talk” and “Under My Skin.” “We’re going to do our best,” said the members of Mighty Mouth. “It’s an honor to work with my seniors, I’ll do my best,” said Zico.

Information on how to participate can be accessed through