"Padam Padam" Comes Out with Official Posters

With barely a week to go before first broadcast, “Padam Padam” comes out with its official posters featuring leads Jung Woo Sung, Han Ji Min and Kim Bum. The posters build on the slight fantasy elements of the drama that was first glimpsed in the teaser trailer earlier released.

“Padam Padam” centers on Yang Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung), a man falsely accused of murder and imprisoned for 16 years. Upon his release, he meets and falls in love with a veterinarian Jina (Han Ji Min). Yang Kang Chil is under the protection of Lee Kook Soo (Kim Bum), his best friend and guardian angel.

Though posters are recently released, the drama has been steadily gaining attention with the release of stills and behind-the-scenes photos since it was announced.

“Padam Padam” launches the new cable channel jTBC when it premieres on December 5.