IU Talks About Her Fall – "I Wanted To Disappear"

On SBS’ “Night TV Celebrity,” on November 30, singer IU revealed her feelings about her falling on stage incident stating, “I was extremely embarrassed. I really wanted to disappear right there.” 

On November 24 at the 2011 Melon Music Awards, while walking out to receive the SK Planet Best Song Award, IU took a hard fall on stage in front of the crowd, cameras, and the nation. Although she got right back up and started to laugh before giving her thank you speech the fall seemed to have been quite severe. 

However IU’s explanation put her fans at ease. “That instant I thought to myself ‘of all the things I do…this would happen to me.’ The next day my body was pretty sore. I was bruised up a bit, but thankfully the damage didn’t match the scale of the fall.” 

IU wittingly added, “When there should be lots of news articles about my new album that came out this week, there’s more news about my fall, giving my album less attention. I think even for the next 5-6 years people won’t be able to forget this incident.”