A Look at 2011 MAMA Red Carpet Fashion

On November 29, the red carpet was rolled out for the 2011 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards), hosted in Singapore. Stars and celebrities from all over came to attend the event dressed in their own distinct, unique fashions.

From head to toe, stars were dressed in eye popping patterns, colors, shapes, and hues! Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable looks from the night.

We first looked at Kim Min Hee, well-known for her fashionista taste. Not surprisingly, she chose an eye popping look for the evening. Her dress reveals her shoulders, adding a feminine touch with the flowy, chiffon material. What makes this gown stand out are the colors, which are reminiscent of peacock feathers. Lines zig this way and that, creating a piece that leads the eyes around the fabric.

Ulala Session showed some of their unique tastes as well, featuring the trendy “semi-suit” look. To avoid being too formal, the members of Ulala Session paired their blazers with denim or comfy pants. A pair of red checkered pants and a cheetah blazer are sure to catch the eye.

As the news reported previously, the iconic Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg attended the MAMA awards! (Asian pop in the house!) The two both went for casual attire. Dr. Dre wore a simple black cap matched with a plain black long sleeve, while Snoop Dogg went for a traack suit. His comfy red Adidas track suit sure stood out in the crowd of other fashions. (His cool braided do did too.)

Seo In Young, known for her stylish and feminine style, along with her love for shoes, came dressed in a feathery black mini dress. How on earth did she walk down the red carpet with 20cm heels? People commented that she could literally “kill” someone with those heels. The ax like platform front, combined with the sharp heel in the back, created a dangerous combination. Watch out! (By the way, love her with that short cut. She pulls it off so well.)

miss A’s Jia had a unique look as well. She wore a pair of thin chiffon-like pants over her shorts. The pattern on her pants immediately drew attention, especially because her top is a plain black blouse. I like how miss A members incorporated the pattern somewhere into their outfits. Each one of them has some of the white pattern present.

And the award for craziest hair goes to: 2NE1‘s Sandara Park! Known for her outrageous style and funky do’s, Sandara’s hair was frozen mid-air. (What I wonder is, how on earth did she manage to keep it up like that?) Because of the shape of her ponytail, she earned the nickname “Broom Hair”.

Props to our Korean celebrities (and American ones too) for their awesome fashion styles. Whose do you think is the most outrageous? Whose is the most stylish?

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