[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Dec. 3 Episode

The girls of the sea, they go out and catch crabs.

G8 finally sets out to conquer the sea. Starting with personally caught fresh crabs to large natural flat fish. Also what is the mysterious animal from the sea that causes the girls to jump up in surprise?

As the only foreign member amongst the G8, Amber is amazed to learn new aspects about farming and fishing during every recording. In this episode Amber showed a sense of curiosity at all the crabs and flatfish that she saw as she raised up the nets. She also personally learned out how to make young ray sashimi from the village elders.

Everyone was surprised to see Amber personally peel back the skin of the young ray, it was something that the other members were scared to do but Amber did it easily, showing everyone that she really was a girl of the sea. Even when they weren’t recording, she would keep making sashimi in a corner of the boat.

G8 vs G8! The quiz battle on the boat for snacks

The natural flat fish sashimi is causing all the girls’ mouths to water. It just melts in your mouth. The battle of the brains to win the flat fish sashimi begins. Who will become the smartest member amongst the G8?

The 1st G8 Summit Meeting

Let’s put an end to the life of being a wanderer. The completion of the 2ndInvincible Youth” Idol House is right before their eyes. The G8 and the uncles have a chaotic meeting to plan out a ceremony to commemorate the completion of their house, a ceremony that will be remember throughout history.

During such meetings on other variety shows, there would be a script writer that will write stuff such as comments and actions on a sketchbook, which they show to the members to help them with the flow of the program. On “Invincible Youth Season 2” there is a relentless and beautiful scriptwriter that will constantly write comments on her sketchbook and show it to the members, to stop members that are acting excessively and point out members that are being too quiet.

So when Boom is talking for too long, she would write out “Boom be quiet” or when Ji Hyun Woo is sitting silently, she would write out “Ji Hyun Woo, you’ll be changed out next week.” Her witty comments cause everyone to burst out laughing.

However this beautiful but harsh scriptwriter is one of the G8 Members? Who will this scriptwriter be?

Moving on, the meeting was lead under the watchful eyes of Leader Sunny and her scribe Ji Hyun Woo. The main gist of the meeting was about the guests that G8 wants to invite and the type of items they want to fill the empty rooms of the house with. The G8 members were all full of dreams and wishes in regards to their soon to be completed house.

The G8 members expressed that they wanted state of the art goods such as 3D Flat Screen TV, Twin Door Refrigerators, Kimchi Refrigerators, Robot Vacuum cleaners, rice cookers etc. However Leader Sunny was quick to reel them back and told them “We can use our traditional pots as Kimchi Refridgerators and we can make much better rice using a traditional iron pot as their rice cooker.”  Sunny was also quick to shoot down their suggestions of a TV saying “Rather than watching TV, we need to be listening to the conversations of our members, since that is more interesting.”

With that out of the way, the members receive a blockbuster mission of their house completion ceremony that completely shocks everyone. They also begin to start talking about guests and the list of top actors causes Sunny to collapse in happiness. The G8 are told that actor Chun Jung Myung enjoys watching the show and he wants to visit “Invincible Youth,” causing all the G8 members to scream out in joy. However Chung Jung Myung wasn’t the only one to show an interest in the show. Actor Lee Dong Ouk, who has risen as a star through the SBS Drama “Scent of a Women” also showed a favorable interest in the show when they engaged in a phone conversation with him during the show.

All of this and more will be revealed on this week’s “Invincible Youth Season 2.”

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