[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday - Immortal Song 2 and Birth of a Family" - Dec. 3 Episode

Choi Baek Ho, the romantic singer that looks like autumn. He has received a lot of love for his emotional voice and lovely lyrics. Our seven vocalists will be singing Choi Baek Ho’s romantic songs.

  • The powerful shouting and the re-discovery of Brian as a singer. The song has be re-born as a powerful rock song, Brian’s “The friend from Yeongil Bay (영일만 친구).”
  • Lee Suk Hoon has a comfortable and moody voice. He was re-interpreted this song into a tango. Lee Suk Hoon’s “Regarding Romance (낭만에 대하여).”
  • The sad voice that tugs at your heatstrings yet she also has an explosive voice. She moves everyone’s heart with just her voice. Lee Haeri’s “I love you (너를 사랑해).”
  • Everybody stand up! Everyone enjoy K-will’s passionate performance. Rap, dance and a powerful performance. K-will’s “Jump(뛰어).”
  • Shin Yong Jae has captivated the audience with his emotional voice. He makes sure to express Choi Baek Ho’s characteristic loneliness and sadness. Shin Yong Jae’s “That lady (그쟈).”
  • The greatest new artist of the year, Huh Gak. He sings this while thinking about his lonely father after he leaves for the army. Huh Gak’s “Before I enter the army (입영전야).”
  • Ali sings with all her spirit. Her singing tugs at your heart strings. Ali’s “My heart has lost its direction (내 마음 갈 곳을 잃어).”

The seven vocalists, their enduring passion for music and the competition that is gradually becoming more and more fierce. The greatest romantic singer of this generation. Who will be the winner of the Choi Baek Ho episode?

Birth of a Family

The happy day with the mini horse

As the MC King, you could have great powers for the day. The Carrot eating game with Hwikeun Vs Dukkeun. Who will win over the hearts of the mini horses and become the MC King?

They go for a walk in the mountains with the mini horses. Lee Hwi Jae, one of the oldest comedians back from skit days and the master of slapstick comedy Kim Byung Man. They show off an extremely funny skit. Horse Speed Quiz. The person that comes in last has to eat horse food with the mini horses for lunch? Who will be the one that would have to eat carrots with a tear in their eyes?

The Trio of Jindo Dogs  & the timid puppy duo. They all enjoy a picnic together

A-Pink and Infinite have become the mothers and fathers of homeless dogs. They all go on a picnic together with MC Boom.

They test their closeness with their puppies with the “Please quickly get friendly with them” test. Infinite Sung Kyu and A-Pink’s Yookyung used to be afraid of dogs. How close have they gotten with their puppies?

They hold a competition to successful go through 5 training lessons for their puppies on the grass. Hand, Sit, Lie Down, Wait, Jump. They have to successful complete all 5 of these instructions. They also set out to make a comfortable home for their puppies so that they can sleep soundly. And the chaotic self-camera shots of Infinite and A-Pink that you would not have seen anywhere else.

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