Sistar, Boyfriend, & K. Will Volunteer for Energy

On December 2, the family members of Starship Entertainment (K. Will, Sistar, and Boyfriend) set out to do some volunteer work together!

Sistar was recently appointed as the honorary ambassadors of Energy and took on their first task of sharing positive and healthy energy by volunteering at a volunteer shelter in Youngdeungpo with their fellow labelmates. With K. Will and Boyfriend, they delivered heated briquettes, fed the homeless, visited the eldery living alone, and stopped to chat with those in need of cheering up.

Despite the tough nature of the work and the fact that they were sweating bullets throughout, each of the members never forgot to keep a beautiful smile for everyone they met. “All of the members of our company took part in hopes of spreading the love we’ve received all year long,” officials of Starship Entertainment revealed.

Not only that, but the Starship artists will also be donating a portion of the profits they receive from their winter single, “Pink Romance.”