Who Has the Sexier Body? Jung Woo Sung vs. Kim Bum

Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum showed off their rock hard abs for JTBC’s “Padam Padam, Him and Her Heartbeat.” The two sexy hunks showed off their sexy mojo through a shower scene. It was a battle between the original sexy man Jung Woo Sung and Kim Bum with the surprisingly sexy body.

Much like his signature image, Jung Woo Sung gave off a rough manly image. The half-naked Jung Woo Sung shows off manly beauty that is timeless. In contrast, Kim Bum shows a more innocent and clean face while having a very hard body.

It was reported before that the two prepare their bodies rigorously. Kim Bum went through a killer diet, a representative of the production team stated, “Kim Bum lost 11kg for this drama. He will show off an agile side that will contrast with Jung Woo Sung’s charm.”

The story “Padam Padam” is about two lovers that meet coincidently. The first episode will be broadcast on December 5. 

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