CL Discusses 2NE1's Goals for 2012

Two of the biggest annual award ceremonies – the “2011 MAMA” and the “2011 Melon Music Awards” – came to a close these past few weeks, and 2NE1 is the only group to have come away with two prestigious “Daesang” awards from both ceremonies. Not only did they win the “Album of the Year” award at the “2011 Melon Music Awards” but also the “Song of the Year” at the “2011 MAMA.”

Compared to last year, their reach has grown significantly larger, receiving love calls from Brazil and France while simultaenously working with world-renown producers like Will.I.Am in preparation of their move from the Asian market to the American and European markets. 

Leader CL sat down for an interview detailing their plans for the coming year.

Check it out below:

Q: You won a Daesang at two of the biggest year-end award ceremonies. How does that feel?

A: We focused on our Japanese promotions for the second half of the year so there weren’t a lot of opportunities for us to meet with our fans. I feel that performing at the “MAMA” was an opportunity to have fun on stage. Because of our schedule, we weren’t able to perform a lot at the “MAMA” but it was still nice to stand on stage before our fans. We’d like to thank our fans for such great results this year.

Q: The popularity of K-Pop is blowing all over the world, so this year’s awards must hold a more particular meaning compared to last year’s.

A: I think that music knows no boundaries. Culturally, the wall is coming down, and we’re now able to converse with just music alone. This in itself makes the award more special.

Q: How was it like holding a surprise performance with Will.I.Am. at the “MAMA?”

A: It was a fun stage. I was glad to see him because it had been such a long time. It was a bit disappointing in that we weren’t thoroughly prepared but it felt great to be able to just enjoy music on stage.

Q: Hip hop producer Dr. Dre chose 2NE1 as his favorite Korean singer.

A: We met Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg for the first time at this year’s “MAMA.” We were passing by, but they recognized us first and gave their greetings, which was cool. We never met them before so it was amazing to see that they were fans of 2NE1’s music, so we’re grateful for that. During rehearsals, despite their stage being next, they watched over our stage until the very last second and gave us their support. Their performance at the after-party was quite a sight to be seen as well.

Q: You’re popular in not only Asia, but in Europe and other parts of the world as well. Why do you think that is?

A: More than anything, I think music comes first. Good music combined with fashion and other elements worked with European fans. I think that’s what helps music get attention overseas.

Q: You were able to win a rookie award at a Japanese ceremony this year. The 53rd Japanese Record Awards gave you the rookie award as well as a nomination for the best rookie award. 

A: Despite not having promoted for that long in Japan, we were able to come away with good results. There are big differences compared to the system in Korea, but it was a great opportunity for us. We hope to continue meeting many fans through concerts and interviews.

Q: It’s been known that Will.I.Am. will be producing 2NE1’s American advanacement album. When will you begin promoting in the States?

A: We’ve been working with him for a while. Nothing’s confirmed yet but I believe we’ll be putting something out around next year. We’ll begin our American promotions with a concert or another tactic.

Q: Any final words on concluding this year?

A: We were able to feel just how important our fans are to us this year. Next year, we promise to return with better music and stages. We’ll work harder to become a 2NE1 that truly enjoys music.

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