[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Dec. 10 Episode

It’s the day when the G8 enters their new home
They can finally end their life as nomads, the G8 and the uncles finally have a home! However all they have right now is a completely empty room and at 5PM sharp, they have to hold a house warming party with the village elders!

While the rest of the G8 members were busily preparing for their housewarming party, Sistar’s Bora and f(x)’s Amber sat together in a corner playing the guitar. They were trying to make an “Invincible Youth Song.” f(x)’s Amber would create a melody on the guitar and Bora would hum along and create lyrics that matched the rhythm. The G8 members show off their “Invincible Youth Song” for the first time in front of the village elders. It receives a large amount of favourable responses from the elders due to its fun melody and easy to follow lyrics.

In the midst of their house warming party, the G8 gets a surprise visit from a very special guest. Ex-village chief Noh Joo Hyun has made a surprise visit to Daebu Island to participate in the house warming party. While there, he spends some time having fun with the residents there and even gives the current chief Lee Soo Geun some words of advice, “It’s not easy being the village chief, but I hope you will carry out your tasks well.” 

In the latter parts of the party, Noh Joo Hyun even makes a heartfelt request to the Daebu Island residents, “I would like to make this request as the village chief of ‘Invincible Youth.’ The elders may notice that the G8 members may be lacking in a lot of areas but I hope you teach them what they need to know to fill in those areas, think of them as your own grandchildren and treat them well please.”

The Girl goes and meets Pureumi (Greeny the cow)  

The G8 members are preparing a house-warming party for their newly created idol house. They decide to invite the local residents and some special guests to the party. So SNSD’s Sunny and Miss A’s Suzy was given special instructions to go and bring back some Special Guests. And so the girls head off to a memorable location, the place where “Invincible Youth Season One” took place, Gangwon Province Hong Cheon Yuchi-ri.

The idol village is still exactly as it was during “Invincible Youth Season One,” and Sunny, bathed in past memories, shows Suzy around, telling her about all the farming they did and all the animals they raised.

Sunny also has a heart-warming reunion with Pureumi (Greeny the cow), their mascot from Invincible Youth Season One and Sunny’s Cow while she was on the show. It has been around a year since she last visited Pureumi and Sunny can’t hide her sadness at being unable to come visit her more often. Sunny tries to please Peureumi again, telling her that “I’m sorry I couldn’t come here more often,” and feeding Peureumi her favourite cabbage leaves.

Find the household items they need for the idol house

Last week, they drew lots to find out who has the misfortune of getting their household items. Blankets, Twin Door Refrigerators and a karaoke machine for the whole village to enjoy, the members are now responsible for getting the items that they drew out. The Hyenas loiter around Daebu Island to find second hand goods in a hilarious fashion. Will the members be able to acquire the household items by themselves using their own abilities?   

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