Lee Jun Ki has signed up with the Japanese agency Interactive Media Mix (IMX).

A representative of Lee Jun Ki stated on December 9, “Lee Jun Ki will soon be released from his military service. He is trying to takeoff his Asian activities and that is why he has decided to work with ‘IMX’ as a business partner.”

The CEO of IMX stated, “We believe in Lee Jun Ki’s potential as an all-around entertainer, that is why we are having a contract with him.”

IMX plans to continue to support Lee Jun Ki through systematic management. The CEO also stated, “We hope to push Lee Jun Ki forward internationally, so that we can start to develop an Asian content business together. We will also be giving fans news about Lee Jun Ki’s next project for his comeback.”

Currently, Lee Jun Ki is currently enlisted in his military service as a celebrity soldier. He will be discharged on February 16, 2012.

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