Beast’s Lee Gikwang Injures His Ankle

It has just been reported that Beast’s Kikwang suffered an unfortunate accident that resulted in a leg injury. 

According to officials of Cube Entertainment, Kikwang played a game of soccer on December 10 after filming for his MBC drama, “I’m a Flower, Too.” Kikwang ended up pulling a ligament and required hospital help. The injury was revealed to have been severe enough to require a half-cast. 

“He has no problem walking, and it’s just a light injury. He will be wearing a cast to aid in a speedy recovery,” officials explained. 

Kikwang is in need of immediate recovery, especially since Cube Entertainment will be heading to Brazil for their “United Cube” concert on December 13. 

Fortunately, Cube Entertainment revealed that he will be joining his labelmates to depart for Brazil on the night of the 11th and will be performing on stage with them while still wearing his cast.