"Highkick 3’s" Lee Jong Suk Has a Crush on Co-star, f(x)’s Krystal

On December 11, MBC “Section TV Entertainment” caught up with the stars of popular sitcom “Highkick Season 3.” During the interview, Park Ha Sun revealed that Lee Jong Suk fancied co-star, f(x)’s Krystal.

When the host Seulgi asked why Jong Suk and Krystal looked more like a couple than siblings, co-star Park Ha Sun answered, “That’s because Jong Suk has a crush on Krystal.” She added, “He used to like me before ‘High Kick 3’ began, but then he started showing interest in Krystal once we started filming. But now, he’s set his eyes on Kim Ji Won.” Lee Jong Suk then quickly replied, “No, it’s Krystal,” causing those on set to burst into laughter.

The young actor explained, “It’s because our dressing rooms are right next to each other,” to which Park Ha Sun retorted, “Baek Jin Hee and my rooms are right next to your room as well…”