DBSK’s Visit to Taiwan Froze the Airport

DBSK arrived in Taiwan on December 10. It had been three years since they had visited the country. The airport was paced with fans and reporters, it is being said that DBSK had the most visitors to the airport for a greeting in the history of the airport.

The Taiwanese press reported on DBSK’s arrival and fan party press conference. They took pictures of many fans that had pulled all-nighters while waiting at the airport to greet DBSK.

It was reported that the fan party on December 11 was a success, as the whole concert hall that can fit up to 10,000 was nearly full.

Changmin was asked who his favorite Taiwanese celebrity was, and he answered “Lin Chi Ling.” He stated, “I watched the movie ‘Red Cliff’ and I thought she was very pretty and elegant.”

DBSK will arrive in South Korea on December 12. They plan to appear on Korean and Japanese special programs for the end of the year.