Overreact Much? Netizens Too Critical of Stars' "Thoughtless" Remarks?

Last week, actress Yoon Eun Hye was under the spotlight for her “thoughtless” remark regarding her experience using the public transportation for the first time in ten years.  She called the experience “valuable” and “dangerous,” offending netizens who use public transportations daily. I, for one, feel netizens overreacted. I’m from a suburb in California, and cars are basically considered your feet – you can’t get anywhere without them. There are no subways, no buses, and no way you can possibly get anywhere by just walking. So here I am in Seoul, and I am terrified of public transportations. Bus drivers here drive like madmen – speeding and braking like there’s no tomorrow – and people breathe down your neck – not to mention sniff you – in subways. Oh! Did I mention that you see your life flash before your eyes during a cab ride? Ok ok, so I’m exaggerating just a tad bit, but the experience is scary…especially if you haven’t used public transportations before. So I completely understand where Yoon Eun Hye’s coming from – she was just being honest about what her feelings were.

So many celebrities have been under the spotlight for these so-called “thoughtless” remarks. However, it begs me to ask…aren’t they just being honest? They’re truthfully expressing their real problems and thoughts.

The reason why variety shows started gaining prominence in the first place was because it allowed fans to get personal with their favorite celebs. It opened up an outlet where their favorite stars can tell their stories.  However, the more celebrities opened up about their thoughts, the more netizens jumped on them for being contrived or bragging.  Is this really fair? This prompted me to look up past instances where celebs were criticized for their “thoughtless” words.

f(x)’s Sulli – “I hope I don’t grow anymore”

On an episode of SBS “Inkigayo” late last year, f(x)’s Sulli revealed that she hoped she didn’t grow any further in the new year when co-emcee Jung Yong Hwa asked her what her wish for 2011 was. Nicknamed “Giant Sulli” for her tall height, the young singer simply revealed her true wish. People have pointed out – and poked fun – instances where she towered over her male co-stars whenever she wore heels. Can you imagine how bad she would have felt? One, no girl wants to tower over other guys. Two, no guy wants to stand next to girls who are taller than them. Three, it is a legit problem for someone who really is tall. However, with the average height of Korean women at 5 feet 3 inches, many female netizens in Korea felt uncomfortable with Sulli’s personal problem with being too tall. How come it is all right for those who are short to worry about being too short, but not ok for those too tall to be worried about their height. Talk about double standards.

Han Chae Young “Sometimes my clothes are too short because of my long arms and legs.”

During an interview with “One Night of TV Entertainment” earlier this year, a reporter asked the beautiful actress what she liked most about her body. She replied, “I like my legs the most. I feel like long legs are something you have to be born with. Sometimes, my clothes are too short because of my long arms and legs.” Again, Han Chae Young was honest about her problem. No one can deny that she has been blessed with long – and I mean really long – legs. Hence, she’s bound to find clothes that are too short for her. So what? We all have our own problems. Would you rather she say, “Despite my long legs, I still have to get my jeans hemmed.” I have friends who have long legs as well, and they never get their pants altered.  Some have trouble finding pants that are long enough for them. While my stomach churns with envy, I still understand that it’s a legit problem for them.

Shin Min Ah, “I’m envious of those who had slender figures”

Actress Shin Min Ah has been under fire early this year for saying she had big hips, bottom, and thighs. Much loved for her flawless figure, Shin Min Ah stated, “My large hips and thighs are my complexes. I’m envious of those who have slender figures because I don’t have one.” Before we all jump on her for being obnoxious, I’m sure she was being relative with her complexes. She probably feels like her hips and thighs are big compared to other celebrities and other parts of her body. As normal human beings, the only thing we see are our flaws – no matter how perfect that person may seem to be. Not to mention that Shin Min Ah said this in a show where reporters went around asking celebrities what they though their complexes were. What did netizens want to hear? I don’t like my hair color?

Some quickies that might amuse you~

2PM’s Nichkhun – “It’s uncomfortable getting into a car because of my long legs.”

After School’s Gahee – “I don’t like guys who are shorter than me. Specifically, I want my boyfriend to be 183cm”

Jang Dong Gun – “It’s hard because I’m so good-looking.”

Hyun Bin – “I’m happy with my average-looking face.”

Lee Yeon Hee – “I never thought I was pretty…just a little prettier than average-looking?”

Kim Sarang – “My long legs make it uncomfortable in buses and theaters…Doesn’t everyone have that problem?”

Lee Min Jung – “I’m not pretty.”

Korean netizens are quick to judge and criticize stars for what they say on television or online; and celebs in Korea are very wary about irritating these critical netizens. However, sometimes these stars should just ignore the comments and carry on with their lives. While celebs appear perfect, they have their own set of problems. If you think about it from their perspective, it’s totally understandable, but many netizens overreact – should I write this? – because they are jealous. However, would people rather prefer stars lie about what they wanted or what their problems were just for the sake of making people happy? Then what’s the point of asking the stars to share opinions, stories, and thoughts? Additionally, sometimes celebs say these so-called “thoughtless” remarks to be funny; yet so often do netizens take it the wrong way. What are your thoughts about Korean netizens’ reactions?

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