It's Happy Hug Day in Korea! Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Hee Top Hug Poll

Grab the one you love and give him or her a big squeeze! December 14 is Happy Hug Day in Korea. Many of us will celebrate this holiday by turning to our significant others, friends, and family members, but of course, many people will still yearn to hug their favorite celebrity. (After all, wouldn’t you?) The job site Albamon polled 763 college students to find out which famous person they most wanted to hug. Among males, the super adorable Song Joong Ki proved his hug-worthiness as 11.3% of respondents chose him as their ultimate celebrity to hug. However, it was the flawless Kim Tae Hee who topped the overall poll, garnering a whopping 19.7% of votes.

Other leading males included Won Bin (9%), Lee Seung Gi (8.1%), So Ji Sub (6.4%), and Kang Dong Won (5.1%). Leading females included IU (11.9%), Lee Min Jung (5.4%), Kim Yu-Na (5.1%), and Park Ha Seon (4.4%).

However, even if the polled students can’t hug their favorite celebrity, it’s unlikely that they minded too much — the number one person people most wanted to hug wasn’t a movie star or an Olympic athlete, but their own mom. Aw.

How about you — who do you most want to hug, famous and/or non-famous?

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