Which K-Pop Celebrity Appeared in the Most TV Commercials?

The number of TV commercials you appear in has long been regarded as the yardstick of success in the K-Pop industry. It gives an idea of which celebrity is the most popular and has the most positive image in the industry.

In the past year, it turns out SNSD and Lee Seung Ki were the two most sought after CF models in Korea. According to Korea’s largest ad portal site, “TVCF,” SNSD and Lee Seung Ki appeared in the most number of TV ads with 27 in total. The results include all the commercials made under the same brand, so if SNSD had five different ads for the same Chicken brand, they count as five different commercials.

SNSD currently has multiple endorsement deals with brands in a variety of fields, including a Chicken restaurant, water purifier, energy drinks, and cosmetics. Lee Seung Ki, who continues to maintain a smart and clean image, has been starring in commercials for pizza, banking, and refrigerator brands.

Won Bin came in at third with a total of 24 TV ads, followed by Hyun Bin and IU who each had 19 and 18 commercials, respectively, in the past year. Who would you like to see the most in a TV ad? 

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