[Preview] KBS "Invincible Youth Season 2" - Dec. 17 Episode

It’s the day when the make kimchi for the winter ■ 
Today is the day when they make kimchi for the winter.

The G8 members have never made kimchi in their life. At first they were all over the place and unsure of what to do. These girls, who don’t even know the basics of Kimchi making, select the ingredients for the kimchi, what kind of ingredients did they pick? 

Sunny, who has experience making kimchi from “Invincible Youth Season 1” teach the members how to prepare the vegetables etc. They also get help from the older ladies from the village, who are masters at kimchi making, and they all have a happy and enjoyable time making kimchi.

Also, which of the G8 members will win the rights to the kimchi made on that day?

The glorious worker ■ 
They’ve now been together for 6 weeks. At this point, they should have started to form opinions about each other. So who will G8 pick as the glorious worker, the girl that is the best at working?

Ji Young is especially enthusiastic about this. She treats this like a class president election and argues her case, “If I get picked as the glorious worker then I will listen carefully to everyone, to the point where I will even be able to hear ants talking,” while also telling them about how hard she has worked so far. The other members were also enthusiastically arguing their case so that they could get picked as the glorious worker.

During the secret vote session, each member briefly left to make their votes. While Suzy was out placing her vote, Boom chimed in “Suzy is like a student studying for an exam. She usually just dresses up plainly and she doesn’t talk a lot. She also usually thinks to herself and then suddenly starts laughing. Her easy going nature really does seem like a exam student.”

The other members also agreed with this, saying that “Suzy quietly works hard even when the cameras aren’t on.”

The glorious worker is finally revealed but they run into an unprecedented crisis. This causes the glorious worker to rage. The story behind all this will be revealed on the show.

The winter kimchi angels ■ 
Each and every cabbage, the G8 style kimchi is full of love from the girls. But why have the girls left their house, carrying their pots filled with kimchi? This is because the G8 have specially made some kimchi for the elders in the village that were unable to make winter kimchi this year. The G8 members go to each of  the houses and personally deliver the pots of kimchi. The girls’ heart-warming and lovely winter story will be revealed on the show.

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