Running Man Castmates Help Lee Kwang Soo in Upcoming Film "Wonderful Radio"

Lee Kwang Soo has recently humorously stated that his “Running Man” castmates Kim Jong Gook and Gary have ambitions in acting.

Lee Kwang Soo attended the press conference for the film, “Wonderful Radio” on December 20. In the movie, he plays the manager for an ex-idol star turned radio DJ, Shin Jin Ah (played by Lee Min Jung).

During the press conference, it was revealed the Kim Jong Gook and Gary will actually have a cameo appearance in the movie. It seems that they are helping out their “Running Man” castmate Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Kwang Soo said, “Both of them delightfully agreed to appear in the movie if it was going to help me. I want to thank them once again. But actually, Jong Gook hyung and Gary hyung are both very excited. I think they’re expecting to receive proposals and lovecalls from many films in the future. They have even told me to be a good middle man between the directors and themselves. I think they are thinking about transforming into actors through this movie.”

Kim Jong Gook and Gary’s cameo, along with Lee Kwang Soo’s endearing jokes, proved how close the “Running Man” cast are in real life. Many netizens have great anticipation to see their favorite “Running Man” stars in this movie.

“Wonderful Radio” starring Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Jin will open in theaters in January 5 of next year.