DBSK Sends a Merry Holiday Greeting Video

DBSK‘s Changmin and Yunho send everybody their holiday greetings through a video message.

Yunho starts by saying enthusiastically, “Finally, on December 25, it will be Christmas!” on which the two boys clap, and Changmin shows his 4D side as he calls out for Christmas in a humorous way.

Yunho continues, “As we always say with Christmas, this is the time to spend extra time with your loved ones and I really hope you will all have a pleasant time.” Changmin also wishes that everybody has a great time: “Indeed, I hope everybody will have a lovely time. When Christmas is near its end, the new year is around the corner and 2012 is about to start.”

He tells Yunho to send a message to everybody for 2012 on which Yunho continues, “Since a whole new year is starting again, I hope you will forget the unpleasant past and have a happy and healthy new year. The new year will be the year of the dragon and I hope you will be energetic as a dragon.” He also comments that Changmin is born in the year of the dragon (1988), which Changmin confirms.

Yunho continues, “DBSK will also be as energetic as a dragon and will do our very best in the future. We hope you will love us in the future.” They end their message with, “This was DBSK, thank you. Everybody, have a merry Christmas!”

Check out their holiday message below!