DBSK Celebrates 8th Year Anniversary

On December 26, DBSK sent a special video message to celebrate their 8th year anniversary. In the video released through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, Changmin and Yunho greeted the fans with the following message:

“Hello, we’re DBSK. Did you all enjoy your Christmas? The day right after Christmas is, I’m embarrassed to say it myself, the 8th year anniversary of DBSK. First of all, I would like to thank all the fans for showing continuous love and support for DBSK. As DBSK, we’ve visited many countries, for events like fan meetings, and to see us reach our 8th year anniversary makes us remind ourselves that we need to work harder. We’ll continue to work even harder in the future, so please continue to show us love. This has been brought to you by DBSK. Thank you.”

Congratulations DBSK and hope you have a long-lasting career!