2NE1’s Park Bom Scolds Manager for Pushing Fan

Recently, a video titled “The Apostle of Justice Park Bom at Incheon Airport” made its way around various internet communities. The video was taken on December 14 when 2NE1 came back home from New York after headlining the “MTV IGGY’s Best New Band Concert.

In the video, a fan was in the midst of handing over a gift when she almost tripped. Thinking that her manager pushed the fan, Park Bom scolded her manager, “Why’d you push? Don’t push!” The fan had been walking backwards and tripped over the manager’s foot. The manager did not push or repress the fan, However, he instantly apologized to the fan without realizing that it was just an accident.

Those who have seen the video commented, “She’s so kind,” “The manager is also very good-hearted, but something about the situation is just so funny,” and “The fan’s smiling as well, she probably knows something wasn’t right.”