BTS Pictures of Lee Min Jung’s "Wonderful Radio"

A clip revealed some behind the scenes footage of the film “Wonderful Radio.” The clip featured Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, and Lee Kwang Soo.

The clip showed Lee Min Jung’s character Shin Jina crying because somebody did not know that she was a singer, and also getting angry at a producer for giving a song to another singer.

Lee Jung Jin, who plays the role of a radio producer, stated, “Because the setting is a radio station it is probably a bit different but not that different from a broadcasting company system. We filmed while getting a lot of tips from the producer Lee Jae Ik.”

Lee Kwang Soo is said to have acted his role as a comical manager perfectly. Lee Min Jung had said, “I felt like he was a real manager.”

Also, the music director of the film stated, “Lee Min Jung is good enough at singing so that she can show off her musical colors. She is an actress that has actual musical talent and also knowledge.”

“Wonderful Radio” which is the film about DJ Jina and her radio program that is about to be cut, will begin playing in theaters on January 5.