EXO Reveals Its Third Member: "Tao"

After revealing the first two teasers introducing members Kai and Lu HanSM Entertainment has unveiled the third teaser video introducing a new member: Tao.

On the first teaser released, member Kai showed really good dancing and singing skills, while performing a untitled track in a dark and vintage scenario.

The second teaser introduced both members, Kai and Lu Han dancing and also introduced the name of a song “Time Control.”

This third teaser shows the amazing physical and martial arts skills for this new member, Tao. And also, it introduces another song: “Metal“.

Expectations keep growing faster regarding these two groups since there hasn’t been revelealed much information yet. We only know that both groups named EXO-K, (the K standing for Korea) and EXO-M (the M standing for Mandarin) will debut on the same day, the same time and with the same song in China and Korea and that their name comes from “EXOPLANET” and it means that they are new stars coming from an unknown world and they are here to stay.

Are you guys excited for the new groups? Check out the second teaser below and make sure you visit EXO-K and EXO-M‘s Facebook page!