Lee Jun Ki’s New Year’s Handwritten Letter to His Fans

Actor Lee Jun Ki, who is currently on duty in the military, sent fans his greetings recently in a handwritten letter.

On December 24, he uploaded recent pictures of himself and the letter on his personal homepage to let fans know how he is doing.

The letter, titled “Sergeant Lee Jun Ki” was addressed to “My wonderful fans” read:

“One year has already passed by! As December goes by and the beginning of the new year approaches, I’m reminded of my early days in enlistment. This year’s Christmas has passed, which means that I will be able to spend next Christmas with my lovely fans. Thank you for unconditionally supporting me in good times as well as bad. I am so thankful for my fans, and I hope to see you all again in my best form!”

You can sense his excitement when he says, “2012, the year of the Dragon. As time flies, let’s wear our magical shoes and run towards that day~” (not pictured below). He ended the letter with a “Merry Christmas!!” and “Happy New Year!!” with a cute heart.

Lee Jun Ki enlisted in the military in May of 2010, and was promoted to the rank of sergeant on December 1. His retirement is scheduled for Februrary 16. Until then, hwaiting!