How Bada Gained 200 Pounds Within a Matter of Seconds

How Bada became a fat beauty has been revealed! 

On December 26, on an online community forum, a picture of how former S.E.S member Bada turned into a 200 pounder for musical “200 Pound Beauty” was shown in a “three step” process. 

In order to portray an overweight character, the picture shows Bada wearing pieces of large sponges with holes in them. She is seen wearing separate pieces for her legs, body, and arms. Even under pressure from the weight of the sponges, and not to mention the heat, Bada is seen flashing a smile maintaining an air of professionalism.

The musical “200 Pound Beauty” is about an overweight woman with an amazing voice, that has a job of being the voice behind an unskilled, all-looks singer. She goes through plastic surgery and turns into a beauty, and the story unfolds from there. 

Netizens have responded to the photo: “That’s how they do it. That’s so cool,” “One of the original fairies of idols can gain 200 pounds in seconds,” “I want to go see if she really looks like a 200 pound beauty,” “Bada is working so hard, keep it up!” 

The musical started its shows since December 6, and will continue until February 5 at the Seoul Choonmo Art Hall.