Seo Taiji Spotted in Mongolia

Seo Taiji shared through his official website on December 23 a video titled “Mongolia Travel Log.” The video was made from clips from his trip to Mongolia in 2009. 

The four minute and 25 second-long video, it shows Seo Taiji with his friends in various emotions and images from the start of the trip at the airport. 

In the video, Seo Taijii can be seen cooking his own food, riding horses, visiting museums and even driving a camping car. He is also seen happily joking around with his friends that came with him on the trip. 

Seo Taiji left a message with lingering after-effects of coming back from his trip on December 24, “Should I say its a feeling of a never ending trip that gives your heart a warm sense of comfort? It was a trip to last in my memory forever.” 

He continues his message, “At first I was shocked to see how similar the people looked to Koreans, but because of that I grew to have a false sense that I was somehow born in this land. It was such a peculiar feeling. The people we met were bold like Gengis Khan who conquered the world but at the same time very friendly and warm. Because of that I had such a great time, and got to hunt in the wild and got to even meet real nomads. I even started wondering what it would be like to really become a nomad… I hope viewers could feel the same sense of freedom from watching this.” 

Seo Taiji even left a message as a Christmas greeting to fans updating them with his current life and health: “Recently I’ve been traveling, working hard at making music, learning new instruments, doing my own laundry well and watching Gag Concert regularly.” 

After successfully completing his 8th album activities in November of 2009, Seo Tae Ji went to Mongolia to travel. As he left Korea for Mongolia Seo Taiji left a letter titled “I will do well and come back!” on his website. He expressed in this letter that he decided to travel for several reasons, one being gaining inspiration for new music. 

Starting his 8th Album actives on July 29 2009, Seo Tai Ji took on a flurry of new projects with a unique sound gaining the ears of millions of listeners for a nonstop 398 days. He proceeded to produce blockbuster quality music videos for seven of his songs on the album, and reached a record number of fans in variety of ways from surprise concerts to New Year parties. 



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