Kim Bum Copies Jung Woo Sung

Kim Bum shows a playful side of him, as well as his friendship with veteran actor Jung Woo Sung in recent photographs. In the photos, the young actor mimics the poses of his “Padam Padam” co-star.

In each of the pictures, Kim Bum plasters on a naughty, teasing smirk while copying the many poses of Jung Woo Sung, indicating the fun he is having in mocking the stance of his senior co-star. Whether with hand under the chin and a leg resting on a step, or arms crossed against the chest, Kim Bum shows the easygoing camaraderie he shares with his fellow actors on “Padam Padam.”

Netizens who have seen the photographs reacted, “Kim Bum sure is a joker,” “The atmosphere seems very light,” “This is a feast for the eyes,” and such.

In the drama, Jung Woo Sung plays Yang Kang Chil, a man unjustly imprisoned for 16 years on false accusation of a murder. Kim Bum plays Kang Chil’s guardian angel, Kook Soo.

“Padam Padam” premiered in early December and is currently airing on cable network jTBC.