[UPDATED] Wedding Bells for Jeon Ji Hyun?

It’s been revealed that actress Jeon Ji Hyun is dating the grandson of Korea’s top hanbok designer Lee Young Hee with marriage in mind. Choi is the second son of Lee Jung Woo, who is also a famous fashion designer in Korea. 

Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi were childhood friends, and the two developed feelings for each other as adults. While not a lot of information has been released, it’s been said that Choi works at an American investment bank in Korea. Additionally, his older brother had been part of a boy band in the past.

A close source revealed that the two had been dating for about a year and are currently busy preparing for their wedding sometime next year. 

Meanwhile, Jeon Ji Hyun recently completed shooting her action thriller “Thieves,” costarring Lee Jung JaeKim Hye SooKim Hae SookOh Dal SooKim Soo Hyun, and more. “Thieves” will premiere summer 2012.


J&CO.’s CEO Im Yeon Jung announced, “Rumors of Jeon Ji Hyun and Choi dating are baseless. I have never heard such story from her. We have no idea how such rumors even surfaced. She’s been very busy with work, so what do they mean by marriage plans.”